About Vapor Vapes

Vapor Vapes is a leading e-juice/e-liquid manufacturer that strives to provide their customers with high-quality vaping products and great service. Located in Sand City, California, Vapor Vapes services everyone from the local community to our friends in Australia.


Our Search for Clean E-Liquid

We took up vaping after deciding it was time to make the switch from conventional cigarettes. But, after a long search for a clean and good tasting e-liquid, it was decided that we’d create our own. Since then, we’ve been producing premium quality e-juice at a retail and wholesale level, offering our customers with the ability to create their own custom e-juice.

Our intentions have always been to provide our customers with a clean vaping experience. That is why we take every step possible to ensure our e-juices are contaminant free. We work closely with our manufacturing team to make certain all products comply with federal quality standards. Additionally, each e-juice components is tested before they enter our clean room. They then go through a rigorous handling process once in our possession. No stone goes unturned at Vapor Vapes.

We started this journey simply looking for e-liquid where you can actually taste the quality. And now we provide our customers with over 100 different flavors, each handcrafted and made ready to order.


Vapor Vapes is:

  • Fully Licensed.
  • Outstanding Member of the E-Cigarette community.
  • Personalized to service every consumer.